Online Casino in Scandinavia

Around year 2000 the first gaming companies started to popup in Scandinavia. Brands like Unibet and Betsson were the industry leaders and made small companies with a few employees to Multi Billion dollar business. With better internet connection and peoples knowledge of the internet increased. So did the online gaming such as sportsbetting, casino and poker.

For a while poker was the absolute biggest and most popular game. On a daily basis commercial from different poker sites rolled on the tv screen. Butt han something changed. The poker boom was suddenly over and people started look into other online games to persue. This is when online casino came huge in Scandinavia. Over a night everybody played casino on their computer and later their mobile phones.

By this time hundreds of new casinos opened there doors for scandinavian customers. The biggest casinos on net are Leovegas, Casumo and Cherry. Thousands of customers log in everyday to enjoy slots games or table games online. But have anyone really won on online casino?The answer is yes even though its hard to win big it have happened several times. The biggest win so far was over 10 million euros and was won by a 21 year old norwegian student. He won the jackpot on the famous jackpot machine Mega fortune from Netent.

It seems like the casino boom is not slowing down. Every day new customers come in and try there luck at there favourite casino games. The casinos are getting more by the day and this benefit the customer. Since the casinos always need to make sure the customer is happy and the whole experience run smoothly.